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Why Choose Aluminium Extrusion?

Aluminium extrusion can be produced in an infinite number of shapes, at a relative low cost, and with the ability to incorporate design features that reduce fabrication costs. The die cost for producing an aluminium extrusion is normally very reasonable in relation to similar manufacturing processes such as casting.

In addition aluminium extrusion has a high strength to weight ratio and has equivalent mechanical properties of steel if the correct design and alloy is chosen (aluminium weighs only one third that of steel).

It also has excellent corrosion resistance and is an extremely good electrical and heat conducter.

A range of finishes are available including anodising, polishing, plating, powder coating or wet spraying.

Finally aluminium extrusions are 100 percent recyclable.

Why Choose Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd?

AAD has a wealth of experience in the aluminium extrusion industry with both directors working for a major UK based aluminium extrusion company prior to the creation of AAD. A consequence of this is that technical advice is readily available to customers during initial product design and development, helping to eliminate potential manufacturing problems.

For example, we can advise on extruded section design, including minimum radii, tolerance limitations, glazing techniques and other practical considerations. We also have CAD software that if required can produce 2D and 3D representations of your chosen extrusion design.

Our extrusion is sourced both in the UK and overseas which enables us to be flexible in matching your requirements with our supply. In addition we have the capacity to stock extrusion which means we can supply extrusion at a Far East price with a fast UK based service.